“God, Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change,The Courage To Change The Things I Can, And The Wisdom To Know The Difference.”
Our Message Is Hope, The Promise Is Freedom.
The Mission
Pigs in Space is a Narcotics Anonymous Mens group meeting. Our format is an alternating topic discussion with a speaker every other week. We meet on a weekly basis in an effort to help each other stay clean and recover from the disease of active addiction. If you want what we have come and join us. "We have a guy for that.”
Weekly Meetings
Bulletin Board
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The Pigs in Space Group of Narcotics Anonymous is proud to announce
The 37th Annual Pig Roast
October 2, 2021
​The Pig Roast Operating Committee meets the first Friday of every month. Positions OTF and always looking for volunteers.